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Sullivan STEAM Middle School Electives

PROJECT LEAD THE WAY GREEN ARCHITECTURE: Students learn how to apply "green" choices to the fields of architecture and construction by exploring dimensioning, measuring, and architectural sustainability as they design affordable housing units using Autodesk's® 3D architectural design software.  


EXPLORATORY SPANISH:  Come explore the Spanish speaking world! Learn basic Spanish vocabulary & phrases through reading, writing, listening, & speaking. We do a variety of activities that include games, movement-TPR (Total Physical Response), songs, interviews, & projects.  The goals of Exploratory Spanish are: 1) to learn the basics of Spanish 2) to develop an interest & curiosity in another language & culture and 3) to have fun!!!


JOURNALISM:  Learn the ins and outs of journalism by taking part in the Sullivan newsroom! Learn about the ethics of journalism, how to cite sources, how to conduct an interview, and put together our very own Sullivan Newsletter.


STEAM 101: This STEAM class will introduce you to the basics of coding using Scratch as well as give you an introduction to engineering and programming using Lego Spike Prime. 


STUDIO ART:  Do you love art? Would you like to have even more time in an art class, beyond your specialist time, to explore drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and other art projects?  Are you willing and open to being in a mixed grade class with 6th and 7th grade students who also love art?  Then this might be the class for you. 


EVERYTHING BIKES AND ADVENTURE (Spring only):  Bike Safe! Bike Smart!  Course designed for students to learn how to ride the many streets and trails safely that Minneapolis and St. Paul has to offer. We will teach students basic bike maintenance, trip planning and how to use a map.


6th GRADE HEALTH ELECTIVE - BULLYING AND MENTAL HEALTH (Fall only):  We will explore various types of bullying and the effects on mental health. In addition, we will determine what individuals can do to keep themselves healthy and well.


LITERACY SUPPORT: Would you like a small class where you can get some extra help with your reading and writing?   Maybe you'd like some support in learning how to decode those long, tricky words or maybe you'd like to develop your vocabulary so that you understand the meaning of those long tricky words that you read.  Perhaps you'd like to work on your spelling or to improve your writing skills? Then this might be an elective option for you.


MATH SUPPORT:  Would you like a small class where you can get some extra help with math?  Maybe there are certain skills that you'd like some extra practice with like division or fractions? Or, maybe you'd like some extra time with a math teacher to work through the skills you are learning in your class?  Then this might be an elective option for you.